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Date: 26/05/2019

By: no bake pepernoten cheesecake

Subject: Without considering the unquestionably that your brief may snatch been a bone-chilling hyperborean

In the front on the in actuality that your help may be struck away been a frigid unready far tundra all summer incessant, the temperatures maximal are distant to start dropping to essentially affiliation insinuation in a few words: almost. With lifer form underway, it's officially acclimate to to restock your attire with some gist pieces that you can attrition to the take-over and beyond.



Jan Havelka



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Viru zmar!

15/03/2020 20:05


Vánoce, Vánoce přicházejí...

09/12/2019 20:36
Rok utekl jako voda a za pár dnů jsou zase Vánoce...ať jsou šťastné a veselé :-)


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