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I come from a relatively big and branching family, I have 4 sibs ( 2 brothers and 2 sisters ) and all together we have 15 children, it means 15 grandchildren of our parents. It’s good that we are clannish and once yearly, in summer, we all meets at our parents on Highlands…Sometimes I would like to finish a family (genealogical) tree of our stock, but I think it will be possible perhaps not until retirement … :-)



To have friends it is a big luck for everybody and – as people say – it’s never  lots of friends. I have fortunately quite enough of them and they are among them real friends which are willing to help if it would be necessary. I don’t want to enumerate them because I could forget about some of them…

I mention only my lady friend from Cheltenham in the central England, Caroline Woodcock, called Karolinka. I have been corresponding with her since December 2005, my primary reason was my pursuit of improvement of my imperfect English. Now we communicate each other about everything and it’s fine to know that such friend hundreds of miles far exists



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Vánoce 2023

19/12/2023 19:22
Letošní Vánoce budou smutné, poprvé bez tatínka.  Ať ten příští rok přinese jen samé dobré zprávy a nové přírůstky do široké rodiny...


Via Czechia - Jižní stezka

29/05/2023 18:57
V neděli 4.6.2023 vyrážíme na Jižní stezku Via Czechia ( - před námi je 1.052 km :-)


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