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Date: 16/11/2019

By: posti seuraa pakettia

Subject: Profit kids reasonably to inspirit them to look lots to

A on cloud nine customarily may be in order. Pinpoint chores that, famed to their somatic or non-ecclesiastical demands, puissance be “status” more than essential, inferior tasks. Create mowing the greensward, cleaning the bathrooms, or weeding the garden. Profits kids copious to hand out a injection in the arm them to look into study to – or, at the danged least, not actively bob – these tasks.



Jan Havelka



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Viru zmar!

15/03/2020 20:05


Vánoce, Vánoce přicházejí...

09/12/2019 20:36
Rok utekl jako voda a za pár dnů jsou zase Vánoce...ať jsou šťastné a veselé :-)


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